AMR Newsletter December 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we are pleased to inform you of recent activities of the Association of Mathematical Research and to encourage you to join one or more of these projects.  Your participation in existing and future AMR efforts to advance research and scholarship in the Mathematical Sciences is very valuable to our community. Please write to President Joel Hass or to any other AMR Board member expressing your interest in existing activities and/or suggesting new activities which AMR might undertake.  

It’s been a successful year for the AMR.   We launched two diamond open access journals, received a major donation to endow a prize in honor of Fred R. Cohen, and continued to add to our collection of reviews and books. We invite you to explore the AMR website ( for more details about our activities. Here are some recent highlights: 



New Book

New Book Series

An Invitation to MadHat and Mathematical Typesetting by Dan Romik of UC Davis appeared on December 1, 2023 in a new series, the AMR Monographs for the Profession.  This series will contain books of general interest to mathematical researchers. 


In this book Romik describes his efforts over the last few years to design a new, full-featured mathematical typesetting language and software suite, called MadHat, whose goal is to simplify the workflow of mathematical writers in the modern era. MadHat takes much inspiration from the TeX/LaTeX family of typesetting languages but is not based on it, being coded from the ground up to facilitate features such as instant compilation, animations and other dynamic content, and more.

You can view the new book by Romik here:  Madhat Book 


For more information on Romik’s MadHat software project, visit the MadHat website: Madhat Design

All AMR books are freely available online.   We welcome submissions to both book series, see the AMR Books web page: AMR Books

Fred R. Cohen Prize

Thanks to a generous gift, the AMR will be awarding the first Fred  R. Cohen Prize in 2024. Honoring the late Frederick R. Cohen, The prize will recognize contributions in the area of algebraic topology from the last ten years. Fred Cohen was a leading figure within algebraic topology, making outstanding contributions to the topology of configuration spaces, the study of exponents of unstable homotopy groups, and the homology of iterated loop spaces, among many other aspects of algebraic topology. His influence extended far beyond his own research, in that he attracted many collaborators and mentored many younger mathematicians. AMR expects to announce the winner of the prize in June of 2024.

The prize committee is chaired by Gunnar Carlsson. Nominations for this prize can be made by sending an email to No specific format is required for the nomination or for accompanying materials.  Nominations will also be considered for all future awards. The initial prize amount will be approximately $4,000.  Updates can be found at Cohen Prize.

Lecture Series

The AMR hosts two lecture series, the AMR-RMA Recent Mathematical Advances Distinguished Lecture Series and the  Vinberg Distinguished Lecture Series.

The most recent AMR-RMA lecture  was held on October 24, 2023 and titled Monotiling,. It was given by Chaim Goodman-Strauss, who is currently serving as outreach mathematician for the National Museum of Mathematics.   The lecture  is  posted on the website and on youtube

Videos of past talks in both series are available, along with relevant accompanying materials. To sign up for notifications of future talks please go to  AMR Lectures.


We continue to add to our collection of AMR reviewsmost recently with a review of the solution by R. Schwartz of a long-standing problem on the optimal size of a paper Moebius band.  We invite AMR members to submit reviews of exciting and important new or classic results in any area of mathematics; please email Sergei Tabachnikov, for more information. The reviews should be relatively short, reader-friendly and, when appropriate, well illustrated. See samples at Reviews of Classic Results and Reviews of New Results.

Membership Drive

We currently have more than 700 members, and would like to reach all in the mathematics research community.   Please invite one colleague to join the AMR, and feel free to forward this newsletter to colleagues who might be interested. Membership is free and members are kept updated on AMR resources and on opportunities to participate in AMR activities.


All AMR activities are run by volunteers. We have no paid staff, but we do have a variety of  ongoing costs. Please consider donating to help expand our activities and build an organization focused on mathematical research and scholarship. You can donate at The AMR is a is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.

Happy 2024