The Vinberg Distinguished Lecture Series

The Vinberg Distinguished Lecture Series aims at bringing together mathematicians interested in the wide dissemination of ideas from various domains of pure and applied mathematics. 

During his lifetime, È. B. Vinberg has made outstanding contributions to many branches of mathematics, such as Lie groups and algebraic groups representation theory, invariant theory, hyperbolic geometry, automorphic forms, and discrete subgroups of Lie groups. We hope to carry on Vinberg’s legacy and bring together a wider community of mathematicians interested in the domains mentioned above. as well as other fields of study.

Coming TALKS

The first talk is scheduled for April 2023. Check back soon.

About the Vinberg Distinguished Lectures


A lecture is usually about 90 minutes long: the first of two parts is a survey talk, and the second part is aimed at experts. There is a short break (about 10 minutes) in between.

Time & date

In order to obtain the correct time and date of forthcoming talks at your geographic location, please consult our schedule at

Zoom & recordings

The Vinberg Lectures are held over Zoom. Please register here to receive a Zoom link.
       Recorded videos from the AMR Vinberg Lectures are available at the AMR YouTube Channel.
        Recorded videos from early Vinberg Lectures are available in this YouTube Playlist


Titles and Videos of past talks in this series can be found at the links below.


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Vinberg Distinguished Lecture Scientific Committee

Nikolay Bogachev​

Sasha Kolpakov​

Alex Kontorovich

University of Toronto

University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Rutgers University, USA