AMR Books

The AMR publishes books that advance mathematical research. Books are available for free download.

Recent Titles

1. Dmitri Fuchs
Representations of infinite-dimensional Lie Algebras

2. A. Petrunin
PIGTIKAL (puzzles in geometry that I know and love)

Books in this Series

Managing Editors

  • Colin Adams
  • Eric Friedlander
  • Sergei Tabachnikov

Editorial Committee

  • George Andrews
  • Colin Adams
  • Eric Friedlander
  • Joel Hass
  • Robert Ghrist
  • Robion Kirby
  • Alex Kontorovich
  • Sergei Tabachnikov


How to Submit

Proposed books can be submitted by contacting any member of the editorial board.  Proposals will be reviewed by the AMR Book Series Editorial Board.   Accepted books will be distributed at no cost on the AMR Book Series page.


The topics for submitted books should be centered on Mathematical Research, at a level suitable for graduate students or research mathematicians. A high level of expository clarity is required.


Authors are responsible for ensuring that all necessary permissions have been obtained to use figures, materials from other texts, and any restricted materials where permission is required.


Corrections and updated versions can be posted periodically.  In this situation, original versions will be retained and accessible, but the most current version will be displayed.


Authors retain copyright and grant permission to use to the AMR.