Software by Field

Algebraic Geometry

Algebraic Topology

Analysis of PDEs

Applied Mathematics (general)

Category Theory

Classical Analysis and ODEs


Classical Analysis and ODEs


Commutative Algebra

Complex Variables

Geometry and Differential Geometry

Dynamical Systems

Functional Analysis

General Mathematics

General Topology

Geometric Topology

Group Theory

History and Overview

Information Theory

K-Theory and Homology


Mathematical Physics

Metric Geometry

Number Theory

Numerical Analysis

Operator Algebras

Optimization and Control


Quantum Algebra

Representation Theory

Rings and Algebras

Spectral Theory

Statistics Theory

Symplectic Geometry

Theoretical Computer Science

Form for submission to the software list

Use the above form to submit software for this list. Software should be freely available and useful for mathematical research.  Lists of software packages aimed at areas of mathematics are also include on this page.