Newsletter 2 - December 2022

AMR Publications

“Casson Handle”, illustration by R. Ghrist

Reviews - Sergei Tabachnikov

From the review by Jeandel and Rao of “An Aperiodic Set of Eleven Wang Tiles”

Website, YouTube Channel and Social Media

The creation of high quality videos and animations that illuminate aspects of mathematical research is increasingly feasible for mathematicians. The AMR has created a few videos with this in mind, and these can be found at the  AMR YouTube Channel at  @amathr/videos. You can subscribe to this at YouTube to receive notices of new videos. 


Those of you who use twitter can follow the AMR twitter feed at @AMathRes. This provides regular updates on interesting mathematical research announcements, and has over 600 followers.

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A recent addition to the resources accessible through the AMR website is an “Interviews” area.  This features selected interviews with mathematicians and will expand over time to include a range of interviews that feature aspects of mathematical research.

Secretary's report - Abigail Thompson

On January 11, 2022 the AMR opened its doors to general membership. Anyone can join by filling in a form available on our website. As of December, 2022 we have over 550 members.