AMR Newsletter Summer 2023

First Issue of JAMR Appears

New: Journal of Experimental Mathematics

New: Fred R. Cohen Prize

Thanks to a generous donation, the AMR is pleased to announce  the Fred R. Cohen Prize. This prize honors the mathematical work of Fred R. Cohen.  The award will be granted every other year, starting in 2024, to a person who has made outstanding contributions in the fields of algebraic topology and homotopy theory.  The selection process will be based entirely on the quality of the research produced by the prize candidate. Candidates from anywhere in the world will be equally considered. Additional donations to the funding of this prize are welcome, and can be made at Opportunities to nominate prize candidates and updated information will be posted at

News from the Board

The AMR added two new board members in 2023. We are pleased to welcome Svetlana Jitomirskaya of the University of California, Berkeley and Gunnar Carlsson of Stanford University to the board. 

Lecture Series Update

The AMR is pleased to be hosting two lecture series.  

The AMR-RMA Recent Mathematical Advances Distinguished Lecture Series had its inaugural lecture this spring, and future talks are being planned.  

The Vinberg Distinguished Lecture Series is also now being hosted at the AMR, with the most recent talk by Victor Kac in April.  

Videos of past talks are available.  To sign up for notifications of future talks please go to

Website Update

We are continually adding material to our website which is of potential interest to the mathematical community.  An example is the recent review by Marjorie Senechal on recent developments in Aperiodic Monotiles.

Membership Update

We encourage mathematicians and supporters of mathematical research and scholarship to join the AMR. At last count (8/6/23) we have over 650 members, located all around the world. Membership is free and members are kept updated on AMR resources and on opportunities to participate in AMR activities.


All AMR activities are run by volunteers. We have no paid staff but are subject to ongoing expenses. Please consider donating to help offset the costs of maintaining software licenses, website operations, insurance etc. You can donate at Donations are tax deductible as allowable by law.